Tbilisi Capital of Georgia

Georgia's ancient and vibrant capital city spreads out on both banks of the Mtkvari River and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The most widely accepted variant of the legend of Tbilisi's founding says that in the mid-5th century AD, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali was hunting in the heavily wooded region with a falcon. The King's falcon allegedly caught or injured a pheasant during the hunt, after which both birds fell into a nearby hot spring and died from burns. King Vakhtang became so impressed with the hot springs that he decided to cut down the forest and build a city. The name Tbilisi derives from the Old Georgian word "tbili", meaning warm. Archaeological studies of the region indicate human settlement in the area early as the 4th millennium BC.



Imereti region is located in western Georgia and includes the territory of Imereti, a historical-geographical province. Imereti is a region with an ancient culture. It is also stunning and diverse in nature. Remains of the glory of ancient Colchis, temples, waterfalls, mystical Khvamli mountain, or numerous caves will take you on a journey into the magical world.



Adjara is historical-geographical site of Georgia, which is located in the gorge of Adjaratskali. The territory of the Adjara region has great history. It was populated from ancient time. Except cultural monuments from different period, there is a wonderful nature in here, like sunny beaches, greenery and very impressive mountainous Adjara. You can meet the local lifestyle and culture in the mountainous villages, which are far from the bustle of modern civilization. Adjara is an amazing site for noisy entertainment and chocolate sunburn lovers as well as for the adventurers of harmony in a peaceful nature



Kakheti is a region located in eastern Georgia, which includes the territories of the historical-geographical provinces of Kakheti, Hereti (partly), and Tusheti. This region is rich in monuments of different periods and diverse nature. Here you will find ancient settlements, distinctive temples, castle towers, beautiful forests, waterfalls, alpine lakes, vast plains, and even a radiant desert. Ancient history, interesting culture, impressive nature, and resorts make Kakheti very attractive for those who want a pleasant vacation and for travel lovers.



Svaneti is the highest mountainous, historical and geographical region in Georgia and is located in the Northern part of Western Georgia. Svaneti is distinguished by acute expression of individualism. The mountain picks, the cliffs, the fortress-towers, which have become symbols of freedom and a strong soul, have attracted the attention of travelers, tourists and fans of mountain sports. This ancient culture is very interesting with numerous cultural monuments, characteristic frescoes, traditions and impressive nature.



Samegrelo is a historical - geographical side of western Georgia that covers the territories between the rivers Rioni, Tskhenistskali, Enguri and the Black Sea. Its central city is Zugdidi. The Samegrelo region had a great strategic importance throughout its history, because of this, it became the object of numerous invasions by armies of the Romans, Byzantines, Mongols, Turks, Persians, Russians and others. This region is rich in cultural monuments of different eras and impressive nature, blue lakes and very beautiful canyons.


Samtskhe - Javakheti

Samtskhe-Javakheti is a region in southern Georgia and covers the territories of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Tori historical-geographical provinces. Akhaltsikhe is the administrative center. The region has a distinctive geographical location which contributes its economic and cultural relations with neighboring states for centuries. Samtskhe-Javakheti is a region of great historical-cultural significance and has kept many Christian or pre-Christian monuments. It is also rich in diverse natural monuments, fossils and resorts.
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The nature of Kazbegi is distinguished by its beauty. Mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, and alpine lakes attract many vacationers, travelers, and mountain sports enthusiasts. Kazbegi is also rich in important cultural monuments. Among them, Gergeti Trinity is especially famous. The amazing view of Mkinvartsveri makes the church special and unforgettable. An important part of Georgian ethnic culture is the slate houses, castles-towers, and shrines, which have the status of a cultural monument. In this region, you can enjoy mountain coolness, skiing in winter, hiking, interesting monuments, mineral waters, lush alpine meadows, red volcanic rocks, and fill with impressions that will become unforgettable memories.



Racha is the historical-geographic site of Georgia that is situated in the north-east side of west Georgia. It is quite rich with cultural monuments and diverse nature. Racha is well-known with the masterpiece of Georgian architecture, Nikortsminda that is characterized with rich and sophisticated ornaments. In addition to the interesting cultural sites, you can enjoy chilly forests, alpine lakes, beautiful waterfalls and stunning views in Racha.
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Shida Kartli

Shida Kartli is the historical-geographic region of Georgia. It is situated in eastern Georgia, in the central part of the historical Kartli region. The old name of Shida Kartli is Zena village. The region is quite rich with important cultural monuments and wonderful nature. Shida Kartli is a region with ancient history. The area was inhabited from the Early Bronze Age. The vast fields, valleys and waterfalls, endowed with thousands of flowers are so much impressive.



Abkhazia is the extreme southwestern historical province of Georgia. At present, its northern part borders the main watershed gorge of the Great Caucasus, southwards and southwestwards it touches the Black Sea; its northeast border runs on the river Psou and the east border - the Svaneti - Abkhasian Gorge and the river Inguri. The area of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia covers 8.7 thousand square kilometres that are 12.5 % of the territory of Georgia.

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